The draft entrance survey makes an eagerly awaited, and mildly abridged, return for 2024. I asked all the GMs a few questions about the upcoming draft and, of those who bothered to answer, all but one trusted me not to… Continue reading

The 2023 Dynabowl Draft Exit Survey

Rating our own drafts First up, lets do a quick summary of how everyone thought they did. Here’s how we each rated our own draft (except Pete and Max): Team Rating Comments Brees 6 It was fine. Always going to… Continue reading

The 2022 Dynabowl Draft Exit Survey

This exit survey was run by Chris Braithwaite, GM of Dyna Hard. I am certain that everything shown in this report is exactly right and hasn’t been twisted in any way, shape or form. Anyway, onwards… Welcome to the 100%… Continue reading