Dynablaster Bombermen

The town of Dynablaster, CT, is immortalised in American history. In 1843, F. Beaufort Tremaine announced that he had found small traces of both gold and diamonds on his extensive estate. He invited men, women and, especially, children to come to his estate to mine the grounds for the rich resources, promising a high percentage return for all that was discovered. Thousands of people turned up and Tremaine hand selected his crews who began work immediately. Tremaine had no knowledge of mining but insisted upon leading the work, though he remained above ground at all times. He instructed his crews to dig straight down in the centre of one of his fields and, at the depth of approximately 50 metres, then spread out. His teams hollowed out an area of approximately 40 acres Tremaine’s land without discovering any gold or diamonds and, subsequently, never getting paid for their work. Tremaine grew impatient and commanded them to speed up their work with the use of dynamite which he readily supplied. Last seen running away and giggling, Tremaine was never heard from again. Neither were the miners. The dynamite led to the collapse of the entire 40 acre subterranean system and the burial of an estimate 12 men, 4 women and 138 children. The site of the mine collapse is now Lake Tremaine, on the shores of which sits the town of Dynablaster, population 4,892 and home to one of the founding members of the DynaBowl Fantasy Football Dynasty League.

The Bombermen* seek to honour those who lost their lives in Tremaine’s misguided experiment/evil plot. Their emblem of a giant bomb with a lit fuse burning into eternity in their memory has been wrongly reviled in the area but GM Benjamin Hendy is convinced that the locals will come around once the team hits the field and the Bombermen start striking fear into their opponents.

*The Dynablaster Chevys & Cheese Gentlemen’s Quarterly Journal ran a campaign to have the team renamed the Bomberchildren, given the proportion of casualties who were under 16, but this was turned down by the team and the locals.

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