2023 Dynabowl COTY

It’s the last day of 2023, and the penultimate day of the 2023 Dynabowl season, though by the end of this year our champion will almost definitely be known. Chris Braithwaite’s Dyna Hard hold a 55 point lead over Dave Slater’s Dynasore Losers and as we know from the Dynabowl Records, only one team has ever come from behind in the Superb Owl – 2017 when the Hard overturned a first leg deficit of 6.800 points against the Dynasty of Sadness. It will take a record-breaking result in week 17 for the Losers to come away with the victory, but as Braithwaite is keen to remind everyone at every opportunity, he is known to choke in the playoffs.

It’ll be a happy new year for somebody, but who could that somebody be? Well, it could be Chris or it could be Dave.

In the meantime, it’s time to crack on with the 2023 Coach of the Year. And sticking with a previously broken tradition, let’s take things in reverse order…

A brief note on the format. Everyone has 15 points to award to other GMs (not themselves), and you know what that means – name and shame time. I’ll let Adam off – he gave everyone 2 points meaning a total of 18 were awarded. He joined midseason, he doesn’t understand the league (or the sport?) and so we will excise his points from the tallies.

Ian, however, awarded only 11 points while Max awarded just 10. The survey says unawarded points will go to the Commish, but we’ll forego that, if only because it wouldn’t make me the winner anyway, so what’s the point?

So where does that leave us?  Nine teams awarded points and there’s no tenth place for the second year on a row, and no team go no points, while two teams tie for ninth and make up the Barely Competent Corner.

=9th Place – James “Goody” Goodson – Tamworth Two – 5-9 – 1 point

It’s been about 4 years coming, but his team has finally fallen apart.

They were going to bad with Justin Jefferson, they’ve been abysmal without. It’s legitimate to say their best player has been their kicker (not that he is the best player though : Garrett, Parsons, Jefferson and Deebo are there!). So many holes on this roster, but none deeper than the pit of suck which is their set of back up RBs, and still no 1st rounder.

The best team in a fallow year but somehow managed to win 4 of the first 5 games, thereby screwing themselves over

Not a banner season, but a good ambassador for Peter

Imagine how much worse it would be if they played by the rules.

Feels like TT has been up and down, and lacking in consistency across the season, not for the want of trying. Their roster has it’s stars but is largely middling, especially at QB.

The beginning of the end for T2. Rebuild started in earnest with the trade away of Mixon. Picks are wasted on them though

What is there to say about TT? Seriously, someone tell me…

=9th Place – Geoffrey Manboob – Dynasty of Sadness – 4-10 – 1 point

Even worse than usual

The best players are Kyle Hamilton and Devon Witherspoon. A safety and a CB. And this team didn’t get the number one pick. Bravo Adam, takes a hell of an effort to be worse than Mike was. 

I’m not sure they are getting any better.

I should say “no, when this team/GM makes an effort, I’ll make an effort to comment on them”

Under-performed a bit. But a great ambassador for Peter

An average season for an average team

But seriously, this team is baaad man. Boring, there’s not a single offensive piece you look at and think “oooh, I’d quite like him (maybe Dalton Kincaid?)” – the leading RB is Zack Moss and the leading WR would have been Christian Kirk before he got hurt. Kyle Pitts, man, he is right at home in this vortex of misery.

2nd to last in every stat that counts. You gotta feel for the guy because I think he’s trying as opposed to some more successful GMs.

=7th Place – Max Cubberley – Champions of the Sun – 6-8 – 3 points

Race to the bottom with TT! But also quite bad

Of course not

Feels like this team should be better than it’s record, I’m surprised Max isn’t much higher in the rankings. There are some depth issues but some amazing players at the skill positions too.

A bit absent this year from the chat, sadly. Still, he picked a player called Deneric Prince, who sounds a bit like a cool Disney hero

Somehow managed to remain in playoff contention until the last few weeks, despite not really trying. Gets a point for that.

Tim can’t even get tanking right. Max had a good draft, which hurt him set up for the draft this year ironically. Aside from those picks though, this is very much the “one last job” team, with a bunch of old guys making key contributions at big positions.

They’ve basically just been there this season.

Put less time and effort into the Dynabowl than into styling his hair.

=7th Place – Adam Earle / Pete Conaghan – East Flanders Dungeoneers – 0-14 – 3 points

Can I give a negative number?

He inherited the team halfway through and couldn’t really do much with the roster. He could, however, routinely leave players who were designated as out or on IR in his lineup.

Seems to have understood bidding on free agents a little better than Pete though.

I’ve given them a point for each of their wins.

Not even playing so no surprise at the 0-14 season.  Good luck Adam.

Poor lad, what was he supposed to do.  Going 0-14 is sort of impressive, have a point.

The only way is up! Maybe.

Adam had a tough ask to turn it around, and whilst he hasn’t yet, there are signs of improvement. And #1 pick next year of course.

Terrible. Even for Pete. Come on Pete!

Like Emilio Estevez, I’m expecting Adam to turn this rag tag bunch of Mighty Dungeoneers  into contenders next year

6th Place – Neil Hawke – Hawkesville Hurricanes – 8-6 – 5 points

Never in a million years would I imagine he would miss the playoffs by 4 all play wins. Astonishing performance given the state of his roster at the start of the season

I feel like he overperformed more than anyone else in the league. Some really good in season additions.

Unlucky this season. A bit of a renaissance, though that may just have been Bland and his amazing streak of pick 6s.

Made some bold moves at draft time and got a lot of stick for it. But who’s laughing now? …

I might have given Neil a point if I had one left, but Ben got it in a tiebreaker.

I have to tip my hat to Neil, I disagree with almost everything he’s done – his trades seem lop-sided, his FA strategy seems weird, his roster unbalanced. And yet it works out. Dak has been good, Nico Collins is working out, somehow Adam Thielen isn’t the worst contract in the league (it’s still bad though), Josh Jacobs and James Cook are not busts now.

Including his IR he has 6 corners, 6 safeties and 9 LBs and only one is on $1. Madness.

Strangely in with a shout towards the end. They never quite managed it due to the success of the other teams

5th Place – Ben Archer / Stew Carter – Here Comes The Brees – 8-6 – 9 points

Please be nice

Some strong work this season, only to just miss the post season. QB position is a mess though.

Decent but unlucky

The defending champs were in the playoff hunt to the end but to only get 8 wins in Peter with those receivers is a shambles.

Not much of a title defence. This team, with these receivers, should have been a serious threat to repeat and an easy route to the post-season with 6 free wins from the division. But the obvious issues weren’t addressed well through draft or free agency, and the team started with multiple FAs on the roster and kept them there for way too long. Complacent.

I feel like they got quite a few bad beats, but it might just have been underperformance.

Unlucky to miss out on the playoffs, arguably the best in the Division – scored more points, had over 150 more points against than the Losers, so perhaps undone by schedule.

4th Place – Ben Hendy –Dynablaster Bombermen – 8-6 – 20 points

Unlucky to be out of the playoffs

Scraped into the playoffs by having 4 more all play wins than Neil. The finest of margins. 3rd highest scorer so probably deserves it

They are better than their record, especially with some rough injury luck.

Close, but… describes the team and a lot of the players on it. A lot of good, but not elite contributors, except Josh Allen (and Aaron Donald, just not this year)

Great draft picks of Gibbs and Nacua. Well set up for success

Great scoring across offence and defence. Good rookie draft.

I was lucky to make the playoffs, relying on the fortuitousness of the tiebreakers to get there. But then again, 3rd most points for and 3rd best all play record, so unlucky to only be the 4th seed. A mixed bag, really.

Always in the mix for post season and deserved a spot this year. Unlucky on some weeks and probably should have a better record as a result.

3rd Place – Ian Kulkowski – Kelkowski Don’t Play By Any Dyna Rules – 10-4 – 23 points

Second in pretty much every metric. Probably going to win the whole thing for a record setting third time. Booo……

Not a strong draft by the looks of things, but keeping up with the pack

Almost as consistent as Chris!

A good mix of free agents and draft pieces as contributors, reasonable depth at key positions.

Have bubbled along nicely but not sure they deserve to be in the play offs. Like the Falcons I have no idea why they are in the hunt after some results.

Consistent and strong. Iran has done very well with only a few low scoring games this year and deserves a place in the post season.

Best dynabowl GM ever

They are the team I don’t want to play in the playoffs.

2nd Place – David Slater – Dynasore Losers – 9-5 – 24 points

His year. Great scoring. Deserves to win it IMO

Token point for winning Peter

Nice draft pick with Achane and Mostert in the pre-season. Decent chance of winning it all this year

Despite winning Peter, I feel like they’ve underperformed.

8-0 v Peter. 9-5 overall. Taking care of business. (You made me answer this)

Thought he would stroll Peter based his RBs and WRs but flattered to deceive somewhat and only just made it. Only 5th highest scorer so got away with it.

Winning this division is like winning the proverbial tallest dwarf competition – meaningless and nothing to shout about. 5 losses in 6 games against Tim and now facing an all-Tim playoff field.

Deserves to be top of the division, and record wise should be better. Consistently scored well and only missed out against teams that balled out.

1st Place – Chris Braithwaite  – Dyna Hard – 12-2 – 37 points

The bastard is a great manager. Has assembled an exceptional team

Such consistency!

That move up the draft board to take Robinson. One of the surprises of the year

I don’t know how he has such strong depth. Thank god he didn’t get Tyreek in the summer. It is infuriating. He needs to get shit, and get shit quick. Weirdly, only his second division ever title though.

Dominant. Comfortably the best team. Potential for a 14-0 bar tough losses to brees and bombermen. Will lose in the playoffs

Devastatingly handsome

Bunch of cunts

Once again a super high performance from Chris with minimal wastage. The big question is whether he’ll be that 14 year old emo girl again and wear that Choker to the Big Dance.

So overall that means…

1stChris Braithwaite37
2ndDavid Slater24
3rdIan Kulkowski23
4thBenjamin Hendy20
5thBen Archer & Stewart Carter9
6thNeil Hawke5
=7thAdam Earle & Pete Conaghan3
=7thMax Cubberley3
=9thGeoffrey Manboob1
=9thJames “Goody” Goodson1

And now some Dynabowl moments, reflections, and predictions:

Best Dynabowl related moment?

Has there been anything good?

To me – the Achane and Mostert games vs the Dolphins. Generally – Max not starting Khalil Mack when he went off.

The optimism of a new season based on nothing but hopes and dreams

Not the best, but Slatz doing so well with a QB picked up on waivers and smashing Ian was funny, but not for Ian

I’ve enjoyed the Peter v Tim banter. That’s not really a moment though.

Getting 8 wins

Neil’s phoenix-like rise back to averageness

Me joining!

Adam going 0-14. I mean, that takes effort

Ben’s admin. Spot on this year [I’ve let it drop at the end of the season – I just needed this acknowledgement to come in and then I could take my foot off the gas]

And the worst?

Me joining!

I’m assuming Pete is gone, so that. Welcome Adam, nothing against you, but it’s a shame to lose Pete.

The Dungeoneers.

It feels like a few people have all but dropped out of the league. I really enjoy it, but it impacts my desire to keep going if half the league are, whatever (legitimate) reasons not really engaging with it. And are still beating me.

Slatz winning Peter

Slatz doing so well with a QB picked up on waivers and smashing Ian was terrible. It’s Slatz for Christ’s sake

Moving to a different, new Discord server. Seems like a minor inconvenience on the surface, but it’s a right pain in the arse. An extra couple of clicks to go back and forth between servers rather than just skipping channels – sure it doesn’t sound like much, but multiply that by the amount of times I’m doing it and I’m wasting ages…

Bijan trade.

Just missing out on the playoffs

My team

All the abuse of Peter. It’s a decent division, you’re just jealous

Anything else to say on the league?

Why is this a required question? What if I don’t have anything?

Since you twist my arm. We should cut two defensive starters (one CB, one S for a db flex) and remove one DT, LB and DE starting position and expand to 3 flex positions.

Nothing at the moment

Cheers Ben for your effort running it all



What’s with all these mandatory questions making me have an opinion?

The Bijan trade was horribly lopsided and a real example of something that should be vetoed and is bridging on exploitative

You need to sort out the new wage scales before extensions come around for expired contracts in Jan/Feb

I would like to see more trades. There aren’t enough trades.

General concern that interest is waining amongst some teams.

The Dynabowl MVP?

Run CMC – 6 votes

Tyreek Hill – 3 votes

Jamie Gillan, the record setting punter – 1 vote

Factored into the above is the following comment from the ‘Other’ option:

I’m using this box to irritate Ben, Bland would be a great pick if Neil had made the playoffs, but he didn’t. So Run CMC [It did not irritate me]

Rookie of the Year [Adam wasn’t an option, but maybe he should have been]

Puka Nacua – 5 votes

CJ Stroud – 2 votes

Tank Dell, Devon Witherspoon, Brandon Aubrey – 1 vote each

Best free agent signing?

Raheem Mostert – 3 votes and the following comments:

Not to be a homer, but Raheem Mostert: RB2 for buttons. 10 points less than Tyreek Hill for 60 dollars less.

Mostert. $8 for the no 2 RB!

Tyreek Hill – 3 votes, including this comment:

The salary cap google sheet appears to be gone so I can’t see for sure who was signed in the off season.  I’ll say Tyreek Hill again and hope that he was signed this year.

DaRon Bland, Jamie Gillan – 1 vote each

Best in-season signing?

DaRon Bland – 3 votes and these comments:

Interception machine

Number 3 defender overall

Others receiving single votes:

Robert Spillane

Benjamin St-Juste

Kyle Van Noy

Jake Browning

Whichever punter has the most points.  I’ll go with Thomas Morstead just because I know that’s technically correct.

*Shrug emoji*

Best draft pick?

Puka Nacua – 6 (and a half?) votes, this comment:

Value wise Puka Nacua. Achane is 2nd behind only Stroud in PPG, with near QB scoring at RB, but has been hurt too much. Witherspoon is the #6 overall rookie and top defender. But I’ll go with LaPorta because of the position and how hard it is to be good in Y1 as a TE.

Others receiving votes:

Achane, CJ Stroud and La Porta (above)

And now the big one – who’s winning the Owl?

Ian over Chris

Iran v Chris. Chris will win.

It should be Chris over Ian. Or, if Chris does his usual first round choke, Ian over Ben.

Hard over losers

49ers vs Ravens, 49ers to win

Chris vs Slatz – Slatz to win it

Chris and Dynahard

Ian will beat Slatz

Slatz, unfortunately

Losers beat Dyna hard

And with all that that out of the way…

OK, that’s not quite right, because this reflection on the first decade of the league also includes 2023, but I don’t give a shit about your logic. Let’s see what everyone thinks everyone else’s teams. And maybe their own.

So, if each team/GM were an NFL franchise, GM, coach, owner or whatever, who would they be? We’ll run through the teams in what I call “League Order” – the order in which they were assigned to divisions in the initial league setup…

First up then, who are the Dungeoneers?

For right now, Josh Harris. New owner of a dumpster fire of a team. However, the Dungeoneers have a title in living memory so maybe the Giants?

Pete = Snyder, Adam = Harris

Washington Commanders

Washington Commanders. Not great, but some optimism

2008 Detroit Lions

The Panthers. Just give everything away for picks and then give those away

Panthers – a mid-season coaching change had no effect on wins and losses

Bucs. Consistently shit, but then randomly spend a year or two being good, grab a title, go back to being shit.

I don’t know who any of them are

Next, it’s the Brees…

Late Sean Peyton era Saints – competitive bit always feel like they should be better

The Saints (whichever doesn’t win the NFC South) – made a mess of an easy schedule, no long-term answer at QB on the roster, cap problems incoming.

Bengals. All the receivers but no one to throw to them

Bengals. You expect them to be shit. They usually are shit. But at the moment they are quite good and it’s very surprising.

Buffalo Bills – can’t work out why we weren’t better this year

Jeff Saturday

I don’t know who any of them are

Tampa Bay. Owned by incompetents but brought in a serial winner from outside to lift them to the title before settling back into mediocrity.

The Broncos. Lots of pre-season hype. A should be decent RB that doesn’t work out. Look like they’re pulling it together. But ultimately not great

The Tamworth Two

The Peyton Manning/Tony Dungy era Colts. Usually quite decent, but also shit in the playoffs and propped up by a consistently shit division.

The Cards? Because they’ve been quarterbacked by Kyler and Josh Dobbs. If they had a run game and no receivers, instead of the other way around, it’d be the Browns…

I’m going to settle for the Vikings – trying to execute a competitive rebuild with mixed success, cannot run the ball with a bunch of (at best) back-ups. JJ is their one true star, and they rely on throwing everything into the pass rush to bail out an otherwise crappy unit.

Jeff Saturday

Seattle Seahawks. Had moments of brilliance, but can’t get out of their own way.

I don’t know who any of them are

Post Brady patriots

The Pats. Not used to failure. It just feels wrong that they are doing poorly.

Pat’s. History of cheating and now the good times are over

If they could win something, the Pats because of all the cheating. Maybe the Saints. Kept winning the Division but not doing anything in the playoffs. Overspent the cap (TT, not the Saints, though how they’ve not is amazing to me).

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Dynasty of Sadness…

LA Chargers. They’ll find a way to lose…

The Chargers – they’re not allowed nice things. Unserious.


I don’t know who any of them are

Jim Zorn’s Washington Redskins

The Rams. Irredeemably likeable but they peaked a couple of years ago

Jeff Saturday

Browns obviously

J-E-T-S – Jets Jets Jets. Mainly rubbish but occasionally stumbles into the playoffs.

The Dynasore Losers?

Jeff Saturday

Jets obvs

Bills. Look good on paper but never delivers

Miami Dolphins. Talented and deep (the only exception being a lack of QB).

Miami. He just loves those Fins

49ers. Looks good. But will probably crumble

Brandon Staley. Obviously smarter than you and better at coaching. But the results don’t really support it.

Who the Steelers think they are – strong running game, solid defence. Only beat shit teams. (You made me answer this)

It would be the Steelers if he’d actually won a title. Oh, and also he hasn’t gone above .500 every season. It would be the funniest answer though. However, given he’s been shit at times, hasn’t won the title and isn’t exactly a running a thrill-a-minute team I’ll say the Titans.

And now we move onto Tim, and the Hawkesville Hurricanes

The Saints/Mickey Loomis- roster building insanity. This cannot work out. And yet they keep doing it every year.

Seahawks. Came good despite how bad it was looking

I don’t know who any of them are

Bill Belichick. In that Neil the GM is pretty actively bad, but his team always seems to overperform the talent available. Not in the “always winning championships” way.

The Jags. They are quite good but everyone knows they won’t win it.

Blake Bortles’ QBed Jacksonville Jaguars in the playoffs

Jeff Saturday


Bit of a cheat but Joe Flacco. Rode a ridiculous streak to a title before becoming shit and then having a late comeback which was ultimately for nought.

The Dynablaster Bombermen

The Bills – nearly men lead by Josh Allen. Waiting for the stories to leak about what Ben used 9/11 as a metaphor for.

Buffalo Bills. Should be an easy top tier team but seem to make it hard on themselves every year.

Miami. Pulling it together across both sides. Good rookies. Some great individuals

I don’t know who any of them are

Jerry Jones – he runs the thing

Lions – play-off contenders but probably won’t make it to the Owl

Mike Tomlin. Obviously good, but never elite.

Mike McCarthy era Packers

The Packers? I’ve won a solitary title, and always seem to be in the mix without ever being able to make the step up and push on through. Ultimately let down by the small-c conservative nature of the team president.

The Champions of the Sun

Riverboat Ron..just dialing it in now

Arthur Smith’s Atlanta Falcons

The Vikings. Some nice players but really not that remarkable

Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sum of their parts should be better.

Possibly Mike Vrabel? They never look particularly good, but they are actually usually pretty good.


Titans – even when they should suck, they find ways to win. Which is not really a good thing.

I don’t know who any of them are

Jeff Saturday

This was really tough and I’m not happy with the end result. The Rams. Even in a down year managed to spring some upsets and acquit himself well.

Kelkowski Don’t Need Any Dyna Rules

The Falcons (sorry). No idea how they may make the playoffs.

I don’t know who any of them are

John Harbaugh’s Baltimore Ravens

Eagles. Just always pretty good.

The Eagles – consistently there or thereabouts, great RB rotation, bit top heavy at receiver. Does not give a shit about line backers or the secondary.

Philadelphia Eagles. Very consistent and deep, with a few challenges but tonnes of star talent.

There isn’t a serial winner in the NFL who is also sometimes quite shit. Or is there. The Niners perhaps? They haven’t got the (recent) title winning experience but they’ve got to the Owl and to the conference championship game. And also gone 4-12. Close enough.

Jeff Saturday


There is no comparison

And finally, Chris Braithwaite and Dyna Hard

Payton Manning era Colts – should have won more

Dallas. Superb players in some places but can occasionally fuck up.

Dallas Cowboys. Always beating the drum and making noise in the regular season, but had a track record of bailing.

Chiefs – you just expect them to be in the Owl

Steelers. Good team, have won before. But generally lose in the playoffs

Ravens? Can be relied upon to make the playoffs. Has won a title, but generally bottles it at the first sight of playoff football.

Jeff Saturday

I don’t know who any of them are

The most handsome one.

Bengals – might seem loaded but certain to fuck up in the playoffs (except for that one time)

And now (Bill Belichick voice) it’s onto the NFL…

What was this season’s highest high?

Not watched enough

The bit where that one guy did that thing

Brock Purdy beating the odds

CJ Stroud breaking out

Possibly recency bias, but the Kadarius Toney offside was absolutely beautiful.

The Jets/Packers game early on was funny. I’ve also enjoyed Miami and Dallas offensives being explosive

I don’t know, Deshaun Watson getting injured and being outplayed by 38 year old Joe Flacco? Nobody likes to see an injury, but there are exceptions to every rule. He’s still getting $250m though.

Something that was actually positive, the Dolphins scoring 70 was hilarious.

Dolphins 70 points

Miami 70-20 Denver

And the lowest of the low?

Von Miller. Someone who seemed like one of the good guys.

Jonathan Taylor’s holdout

Gamepass on DAZN

So. Many. Injuries.

All the quarterbacks

I don’t really think it’s a moment, but the amount of QB injuries this year has really sucked.

Kirk Cousins getting injured

That the Browns might make the playoffs. It doesn’t feel like that miserable a season, compared to many years. Von Miller is shitty news, as is the 9/11 teamwork speech by the Bills Coach…

I guess more generically, the ongoing loss of all the QBs. I think over half of all teams have now started 2 or more QBs in a game. It’s getting ridiculous. I think it’s just back luck though, there doesn’t appear to be a specific trend.

Pittsburgh losing to not one but two 2-10 teams.

The majority of prime time games. Luckily I’m asleep

Anything else you want to get off your chest?

The blue tent, which I suspect is actually a hidden toilet

Officiating is woeful at best, been a terrible year for the zebras.  Also, injuries and losses of so many QBs and skill positions.

I’m looking forward to all the Taylor Swift / Yoko Ono takes when the Chiefs season ends in a disappointing first round defeat to the… Joe Flacco led Browns(?)

We need to do away with Division winners getting into the playoffs. I’m looking at you, NFC South. 7 best records only.

Make all penalties reviewable. Or add a sky judge. Just eliminate penalties that are factually inaccurate (e.g. hit to the head of a defenceless player where they don’t hit their head)

Teams should use laterals more. Surely it’s a massive opportunity

I still think this shouldn’t be a mandatory question [You don’t have to answer, you can just do as these people have…]




The best NFL-related Podcast?

CBA Sports Fantasy Football Today Dynasty – Heath Cummings

The Ringer

The exempt list

Around the NFL

CBA Sports Fantasy Football Today Dynasty – Heath Cummings

I’m sure it won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I really enjoy Ben and Sheil on the Ringer’s NFL feed. Nora and Stephen are great too, but I feel like Ben and Sheil should annoy me and really don’t, I really enjoy the dynamic and the insight.

Most fun is the ringer fantasy football show. The football is mostly incidental, the podcast is just laugh out loud funny.

I haven’t listened to an NFL podcast since 2022 (if you couldn’t tell from my performance)

Who’s going to be playing in the Superbowl, come February, and which of those teams will win?

[Note: both teams and the winner were requested. As they are every year. And as with every year, some people failed that low bar]

Ravens beat 49ers

Ravens vs 49ers – Ravens to win it

Ravens over 49ers

Niners over anyone the AFC can put up against them. Unless they get injuries. I’ll say the AFC puts up the Ravens.

49ers v Chiefs. 49ers will win.

Dolphins v Niners. Niners win (31-24)

49er versus Dolphins

San Francisco 49ers

Cowboys over broncos

Cowboys and Dolphins.  Cowboys will win.

And finally, the most important bit….

The following questions were suggested last year – a request for recommendations that other GMs may enjoy…

What’s the best new film you saw this year?

Everything Everywhere All At Once


Mission Impossible

Guardians Of The Galaxy 3

Talk to me (great Aussie horror film)

Have barely watched any this year. I enjoyed The Killer.

I don’t think this is, but I’m struggling to remember what else could go on the list, so Theatre Camp (now on Disney+). It’s really good. Highly recommended. I just feel that there’s probably something I saw that was better.

Not sure I’ve seen a new film? Do kids films count? Epic Tales then

Lol I have two children under 4

Not seen any

And the best TV show?

The Last Of Us

The Bear

The Bear s2

The Mandalorian

Succession [x2]

Colin from Accounts

If only I kept a spreadsheet… errr. I actually enjoyed (particularly against expectation) Gen V a lot. As with most sequels, I expected the Boys, but 10% worse. But actually got something that was a lot better.

Taskmaster as always

It’s always Taskmaster, but that aside, Slow Horses is brilliant.

Best (new or old) book you read this year?

I only read fantasy/sci fi books, so none, I know they’re trashy. If you pushed me, it’d be the Red Rising books, since I smashed the first three in a week on holiday.

Birds by Jim Moir

I read one that was good but I forget what it was called

See new film answer [Lol I have two children under 4]

Definitely not read a book


I read half the Slow Horses series before taking a break. They are very fun books.

100 years of Solitude

A life with footnotes

The Dandelion Dynasty series by Ken Liu

Best album you bought / streamed this year?

Dunno, listened to so much I can’t narrow it down

Was Harry Styles this year?

Nation of Language – Strange Disciple

72 Seasons – Metallica

Asphalt Meadows – Death Cab for Cutie


Ashamed to say also not listened to a new album this year. What the hell has happened to me!

I’ve enjoyed Wrest’s albums a lot (Scottish indie folk for the Idlewild fans ie Stew) and good live. New Matthew and the Atlas was more of the same, but nothing wrong with that. But the best album was Preacher’s Daughter, hands down.

The Silver Cord by King Gizzard and Lizard Wizard

I’m old. I don’t get / listen to new music really. Wet Leg, probably.

Favoured musical format?

6 x streaming

1 x Vinyl, Live, Buying from Bandcamp and I only listen to music on my iPod classic

Best game (board or video) released or discovered this year?

I do not know, sorry


Baldur’s Gate 3 [x2]

Terra Nil

Board: Earth. A really smart reimagining of Terraforming Mars.
Video: Factorio, Snap, BG3, God of War 3 and Cyberpunk have dragged me off Warcraft for chunks of time, no small feat.

Scout. Technically a card game. Not sure if it came out this year, but I definitely discovered it this year. It has dominated games nights, not as the main event, but as the (only) filler game we play towards the end of the evening.

Paradise Killer

Madden 24

Recently got into geoguesser

Best podcast that was new to you this year?

The invention of… Series on BBC Sounds

The CX Cast by Forrester

I don’t think I’ve listened to anything new, I don’t get through all the existing stuff as so much of it has spun out from one or twice a week to four or five times.

One of the Everton ones. Blue room probably. Love listening to scousers moaning

The Rest is Money


Genuinely not sure if I’ve listened to any new podcasts this year. So I’ll say Judge John Hodgman (been listening since it began which is probably over a decade ago) and Three Bean Salad, which I think is 2 years old now…

Quickly Kevin will he score

Bad, Bad Thing

Don’t really listen to them.

Worst thing in popular culture at the moment?

Popular culture

I don’t really follow popular culture

No idea. I’ve made a pact to move myself away from social media, where all these things come out

Nothing offends me that much that comes to mind

Nigel Farage

Review bombing by people who haven’t actually consumed the thing in question.


Reality tv

Netflix. So few genuinely good things on there, yet I can’t convince the family to get rid. They just churn out mediocre stuff, never striving for greatness (Netflix, not the family).

Any new year’s resolutions?

The upcoming one? To master React.

Don’t do them

I don’t bother making them. But probably something about fitness.

Finish a thing.

Win it all

To get better at Dynabowl

Don’t have one

Something I won’t complete


To use my time better

And finally…. Anything I should have asked but didn’t?

A whole section of quick fire what’s better questions:
dogs or cats,
fish and chips or pie and mash,
golf (not the Ryder Cup) or literally anything else,
Liverpool or Manchester United

Also, every year we should ask
Best player name / tv show (new players edition). It’s still the greatest riff we ever did, it lasted months.

Which dynabowl GM would you choose to trapped on a desert island with an why

We should do an auction in the Chatterbowl, right?

Why do you hate TT so much?

What constitutes success?

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