Here Comes The Brees

The Cornish cliff-top town of Here Comes (pronounced Heh-Reh Coombs) is famous as the 18th century smuggling capital of South-West Cornwall, a place rife with pretentious wines and cheeses the locals still haven’t dared to try. The team’s nickname, The Brees, comes from the name given by the locals to the wind that brought the goods from lands afar for them to sell well below market value, for they were simple folk who did not know the value of what they had.

GM Dan Sayles has regularly reported Head Coach Ben Archer to the police for assorted crimes in the hope that his arrest would prevent his team from becoming the New Orleans Saints equivalent of Bjorn Again. As of right now, Archer remains at large and, by both the police and Sayles, not wanted.

Sayles eventually gave up his quest and surrendered control to Archer leading to what are now known as the wilderness years. However, in 2020 things took a turn for the better as Stewart Carter was parachuted in like a modern day Gerard Houllier and the impact was almost immediate, going from 9th to 5th and then winning a title in 2022.

Historic Performance

Runners Up12014
Third Place0
8th22016, 2017
9th22018, 2020

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