Chatterbowl II Analysis

Huzzah! The Power Rankings and stats are here! Now including the all-new, all-singing, all-dancing* PLOB Ratings!

A brief guide to what you are seeing:

  • Tab 1 – PLOB Performance – PLOB stands for Points Left On Bench. Basically, if you had sent out your strongest possible line-up, how many more points could you have scored? A low PLOB score suggests you picked your team wisely and/or that you have an incredibly weak bench (who could be injured or suspended). You can see what your weekly and overall PLOB scores are and how that relates to your current power ranking.
  • Tab 2 – Power Rankings – These are based on how many of the other players would you have beaten in any given week, accumulated up to a season-to-date position. In effect, each week you play 15 matches and get 15 results. In the league you may get lucky by scoring low but playing someone who does even worse. No escaping that here.
  • Tab 3 – Optimal Power Rankings – How good could you team perform if you really coached the shit out of them? Find out here. The Power Rankings are calculated in the same way, just using the maximum score you could have got out of your squad if you weren’t Rex Ryan.
  • Tab 4 – Match-ups – Allows you to see how you have done week on week against each other player on a head-to-head basis. Later in the season this will give you a form guide going in to your weekly match-ups, and is invaluable for the play-offs. In week 1 it’s a bit pointless.
  • Tab 5 – Historic Power Rankings – How have you fared in the Power Rankings each week, track your development. Includes the pre-season power rankings based on the draft.
  • Tab 6 onwards – each individual team’s PLOB calculations.

Anyway, on to the stats!


*PLOB Ratings will not sing or dance

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