2022 Defensive Projections

Chris Braithwaite decided to look at defensive strength and make some projections for the 2022 season:
“Slatz did a write up about team values. You could probably read that if there was a website somewhere. I dunno. But he didn’t include defensive players in that, simply because MFL doesn’t have the data to properly do anything with them given our league settings. So I decided to see what I can do” Continue reading

Who is Going to Win the 2018 Dynabowl? by Ian Kulkowski (Hint – it’s not me!)

The question everyone is talking about at the moment is who is going to win this year’s Dynabowl?  When Bendy’s poll first appeared on MFL I excitedly scanned through all of the rosters (I do love a good poll) and… Continue reading

Stew’s Pot Luck – Don’t Take Offence, It’s The Offensive Previews

Dynabowl offensive previews   East Flanders Dungeoneers 2015 record: 5-8 (8th)   With a lacklustre finish in 2015, EFD needs a strong start to have a shot at improving their record. There will be no better way to do this… Continue reading