The DynaBowl is the premium Fantasy NFL Salary Cap Dynasty League experience. It offers an immersive challenge and represents the closest all bar a very few can get to owning an NFL team.

Founded in 2014 by the members of the UK based (though featuring worldwide members) Chatterbowl Fantasy NFL League, the DynaBowl fulfilled a desire for three key things – 1) year-on-year persistence, 2) a desire to meet for our start-up auction and 3) a greater level of challenge and competition.

The Chatterbowl featured 16 owners, 6 of whom are (currently) based outside of the UK. As such, any chance for all members of the league to get together in the same place at the same time was practically non-existent. But our experiences with our keeper league led us to lust after more. More power, more control, more trash talking.

The 10 teams that make up the DynaBowl are run by 5 solo managers and 5 managerial partnerships; in all bar one case, the partnerships feature an overseas and UK based pairing. This means that the initial auction can take place in person with at least one representative from each team. It will be a day of great revelry.

A brief overview of the format: Each team will have a 50 man roster to fill 22 starting positions. 11 of those will be offensive players, 11 defensive. Each team will have an auction cap of $500 but will be granted an additional $100 in salary cap space to allow for contract restructuring along with free agent pick-ups and the like.

The teams will be divided into two divisions of 5 teams each, named after the two biggest players in the NFL, Peter Manning and Tim Brady. The winners of Peter and Tim will qualify for the playoffs along with the next two best teams. Those 4 teams will play semi-finals before the winners compete for the ultimate prize, the DynaBowl.

The DynaBowl trophy will be unveiled at the auction in Sheffield in July and, rest assured, will be given pride of place on this website, along with exciting footage from the auction itself.

This site will be a central hub for league activity, while the league itself will be hosted at My Fantasy league (MFL). There will be articles about trades, about strategy, there will be interviews with owners, draft previews. If you prefer competition to be based around numbers rather than physical skills, this is the place to be.

As Frankie Goes To Hollywood so nearly said, Welcome to the DynaBowl.

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