Free Agent Bidding

The form below asks you to enter a few details and then click submit in order to make a bid for a player. You need to give the following details:

* Your email address

* Your Dynabowl team name (dropdown)

* Player name (must be in the following format – Surname, firstname)

* Player position (according to MFL, dropdown)

* The team the player is currently signed to (dropdown)

* The maximum money you are willing to bid (you will only be on the hook for this much if someone bids you up to it)

* The minimum length of contract you want (1-5)

* The maximum length of contract you want (1-5)

You can be sent an email with the details of your bid if you so choose.

You can also access the form using this link: FORM FORM FORM

You can check your bids in the following sheet

Below is the spreadsheet which has all the collated bids and shows who has the leading bid for each player at present.

There are 4 tabs:

* Active Bids – These are bids that are currently winning but haven’t hit the 5 day mark to outright win

* Winning Bids – These are the bids that have won. Come on guys, keep up.

* Bid Errors – These are bids where the player wasn’t able to be identified as a current free agent. If it appears here, you’ve gone wrong somewhere. Can’t work out why it was an error? Ask Benj or Slatz. Probably Slatz.

* All Bids – This doesn’t show every single bid submitted, this shows you the bid history of all the leading bids. You won’t be able to see the max and mins you entered or anything, just allowing you to see why the leading bid is as high as it is.

You can also access this spreadsheet by clicking this link: This here is the bidding spreadsheet link