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    • Taxi Squad Claims
      If you are claiming a player from an opponent's taxi squad, you should post the team name and player on this forum, as well as contact the current owner and Commissioner to notify them of the claim.
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    • 11 months ago

      David Slater

    • Trading
      All trades with conditional elements must be posted in here and signed off by all involved parties. Those without conditional elements... while they don't need to be posted here, it might be nice.
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    • 2 years, 2 months ago

      Geoffrey Manboob

    • Waiver Tag Extensions
      The Waiver Tag Rules state:
      7.3.5. A player playing with the Waiver Franchise Tag may be offered an extension by the team who signed them originally any time before the start of week 9 of the NFL season. The extension will cost one tier higher than an extension ordinarily would. If the player would be due a tier 1 extension, the cost will be tier 1 + 10%. The length of extension available will be calculated in the normal way. In addition to the previous three years of performance, the player’s performance in the current season will also be taken into account. For example, a player who was a rookie in year one when they were picked up via blind bidding and had a tier 3 value for the Waiver Franchise Tag would cost a tier 2 extension prior to the season beginning. However, if they performed as a top 3 player at their position in the opening weeks of the new season and then an extension was offered, the player would now cost tier 1 + 10% to extend. 7.3.6. Regardless of an extension being offered, the Waiver Franchise Tag cost will remain in place for the upcoming/ongoing season. The extension cost will only become active at the start of the following season. 7.3.7. The guaranteed money from a Waiver Franchise Tag may not be backloaded into an extension. The guaranteed money from the extension may not be brought forward into the Waiver Franchise Tag year.
      The contracts spreadsheet doesn't allow for extensions to be added in this manner (at present, anyway) so all extensions should be announced in the Announcements Huddle by the appropriate GM and also be logged with an entry in this forum.
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    • 11 months, 1 week ago