For league contracts, see directly below, for extensions go to the bottom of the page. And for free agent bidding, click here:

There are three ways you can view contracts.

Firstly: You can download the latest excel spreadsheet to play with to your heart’s content. That is here: 2023 DynaBowl Salary Cap Database

The important thing to remember is that the above Excel spreadsheet is the definitive record, as opposed to the Googledoc. That file will be updated as changes are made during the season/off-season. It will always be dated in the format YYMMDD so you can tell which version you are looking at.

As Googledocs seems to intermittently be a dick, you can tell if the spreadsheet below is up to date by reading the word after the colon at the end of this sentence: YES

Secondly, you can click here to view a googledoc of the contracts.

Thirdly, you can view that googledoc directly below these words. Look now. However, as it won’t freeze the top row and things, that makes it tricky. Do one of the first two things.

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