Replacement Level: Week 5

by Ian Kulkowski

This should be interesting.  I barely know who half of my own players are let alone the randomly named players who remain in our barren wasteland of a waiver wire.  But as I am somehow 7-1 through the first 4 week’s of both bowls I guess that makes me as qualified as anyone pick some needles from the haystack.

Week 4 Review

Let’s start by reviewing Goody’s performance from last week.

RLW5 - W4 recap

A total of 97 is respectable given the shortage of options due to a heavy bye week.  This is 23 short of the lowest Dynabowl score so not quite competitive.  Looking at the top scorers that were available on the wire last week there was a whopping 351 points!  This shows there is potential out there.  Though the majority of the big scores come from the D where in our league anyone can have a big week at any time.

Goody managed to select 1 of the top scorers in Devin Hester (Andre Holmes would also have been one if we were going with 4 WR’s).

Interestingly when looking at the performance of Goody’s picks from last week it is evident that Max has read the article then gone and picked up most of the players Goody selected.  A devious strategy Indeed!

Let’s see if he goes for the same this week with my stellar picks (more fool him if he does!)

Week 5 Replacements

I’ll start by looking at the D as if I do it the other way around I will be totally bored by the time I get to the end.  We’ll begin with what is according to Dynasty of Sadness GM Geoffrey Manboob the most important position in our IDP league – Safety.

The top scorers so far are Iloka, Moore, Lewis, Adams & Abdullah whilst the top projected scorers this week are Jefferson, Goldson, Demps, Adams & Moore.  So that’s Rahim Moore & Mike Adams in.  The matchups don’t look too bad vs the Cards and Ravens (as long as Steve Smith Senior doesn’t eat him).

All going smoothly so far, let’s move on to corner.  By the same logic Kareem Jackson & Cortez Allen are towards the top of the actual / projected scores table so they’re in.  Allen has perfect matchup vs the Jags so I’m expecting at least 1 pick 6.

Linebackers next.  Everyone is projected the same points at linebacker so I may have to change my tactic here.  I’ll go for Jon Bostic for no other reason than he’s playing the Jags, David Hawthorne (for Jags read Buccs),  And Keenan Robinson (who will have to make a million tackles against the Seahawks).

This is getting difficult now.  And it started so well.  A few guesses coming up (As if they’re not all guesses so far!).  At DE we’ll take Cedric Thornton & Robert Ayers.  DT will be Jonathan Hankins and I don’t fancy any more Defensive Lineman so will go for another Linebacker.  Erm… Demario Davis will do.

That’s the D done.   Projected points 26.5.  Now to the Offence.

At Punter Coulton Schmidt looks like a safe pick.  In fact I might even pick him up.  Max, don’t you dare!  I’ll take Randy Bullock at Kicker.  Just because that sentence had to be written.

There are NO Tight Ends available.  Clay Harbour did okay last week at the chargers so I’ll give him a go vs the Steelers.  Ugh

At WR I’ll take the Browns top target Miles Austin.  He was on Kelkowski’s original roster but didn’t make J’ays exacting standards [read “his name wasn’t crazy, let alone crazy enough for J’ay” – ed] but I’ll give him a shot here.  Sanu has been consistent so far so gets a look.  Jarious Wright seems to have some chemistry with Teddy Bridgeater (let’s hope he plays as I imagine the same can’t be said for Cassel).  Flex play will be Jerricho Cotchery.

Roy Helu has featured more in the receiving game in recent weeks so can try again at RB.  And I’ll see if Antone Smith can repeat his performances of recent weeks.

My Gunslinger will be Ryan Fitzpatrick as I simply can’t take my eyes of that facial hair.

Project points for the Offence is 52.7 giving me a total projection of 79.2.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far it’s that projections are always wrong.  So there we go.  I hope you’ve paid attention and learned a thing or two about how to pick a team.

Oh, and I’ve just realised I’m 1 short on offence, will have to be another TE I think.  Jermaine Gresham Maybe.

To recap here’s what we ended up with:


QB – Ryan Fitzpatrick

RB – Roy Helu, Antone Smith

WR – Miles Austin, Mohamed Sanu, Jarious Wright, Jerricho Cotchery

TE – Clay Harbour, Jermaine Gresham

PK – Randy Bullock

PN – Coulton Schmidt


DT – Jonathan Hankins

DE – Cedric Thornton, Robert Ayers

LB – Jon Bostic, David Hawthorne, Keenan Robinson, Demario Davis

CB – Kareem Jackson, Cortez Allen

S – Rahim Moore, Mike Adams




I am the Commissioner of the DynaBowl Fantasy Football Dynasty League. What I say goes.

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