Replacement Level: Week 9

So this week, Chris Braithwaite, GM of the Dyna Hards, has taken on the baton of The Replacements, and a bang up job he’s done too. Except for not having scored David’s efforts from week 7. Of course, you could lay that all on Neil Hawke of the DynaForOne Firebirds who failed to produce anything […]

Replacement Level: Week 7

After my second resounding Manboob victory of the season, Geoffrey has seen fit to leave me the replacements. So let’s start by “thanking” him with a review of how he did do and could have done:     Proj Actual FA Rank Best Best Points QB Stanton 4.28 0 7= Mike Glennon, TB 18.56 RB […]

Replacement Level: Week 5/6 Addendum

Geoffrey Manboob is a good man. And thorough. Well, not that thorough but he is busy, and I won’t have you holding that against him. He missed a couple of things in his replacement level post this week and I am here to update those. Firstly, his own projected score, which is as follows: PK […]

Replacement Level: Week 6

Brought to you by the one and only Geoffrey Manboob… Many thanks to Iran for nominating me to complete this week’s replacement team after I beat him again. This is always a tricky prospect given the size of everyone’s rosters and with injuries and bye weeks in full effect, but given how bad I always […]

Replacement Level: Week 5

by Ian Kulkowski This should be interesting.  I barely know who half of my own players are let alone the randomly named players who remain in our barren wasteland of a waiver wire.  But as I am somehow 7-1 through the first 4 week’s of both bowls I guess that makes me as qualified as […]

Replacement Level: Week 4

Goody here, taking up the baton of manager of the replacement levels for week 4. We’ll cut straight to it, by getting the Roger Goodell level of excuses in early. Week 4 is bye week, therefore a little more difficult than week 3 as a big chunk of the available players are not playing, and […]

Replacement Level: Week 3

Week 3? Wait. What happened? Did I get blackout drunk? Or did I have an altercation with Ray Rice, Ray MacDonald, Greg Hardy or Jonathan Dwyer? God, that’s a depressing joke. Yes, week 2 got missed out, as did the results of week 1. But I’m here to make that up to you. Sort of. […]

Replacement Level: Week 1

Replacement Level is (potentially) a weekly column where reigning Chatterbowl Champion, sitting on the outside of the Dynabowl looking in, chooses a lineup from the Free Agents to compete against the Dynabowl superstars. Can a rag-tag bunch of aged and infirm veterans hold their own against the deep rosters of the league? The answer is […]