2017 DynaBowl Mock Draft

At James ‘Goody’ Goodson’s behest, he, Chris Braithwaite and Ian Kulkowski have mock drafted for their puny insignificant lives and come up with the following opening three rounds of the 2017 Dynabowl Rookie Draft.


1.01 1. East Flanders Dungeoneers

Pick: Leonard Fournette, JAX, RB

Chosen by: Goody

Reasoning: The consensus 1.01 of Dynasty Drafts, Fournette ticks more boxes for any of the RBs drafted in 2017. He has the talent and opportunity to be an immediate starter for the Dungeoneers, and will easily justify the 1.01 tag. The Jags are already building around him by drafting an OT and FB, negating any concerns over their poor RB gradings last year. Probably the easiest pick in this mock.

Opinion: Chris: pretty obvious pick with a high floor. He should get a ton of volume.

Ian: I’m happy with this pick.


1.02 2. Tamworth Two

Pick: Christian McCaffrey, CAR, RB

Chosen by: Ian

Reasoning : No.2 pick seems to be between McCaffrey and Davis.  T2 biggest need is arguably RB (just).  Plus who wouldn’t want to pair run CmC with CAP?!  They also have pick 5 so can probably take the WR they want there.

Opinion: Goody. Interesting pick here! I’m not overly enamoured with Mccaffery’s landing spot to warrant 1.02, based on Carolina’s power offence, Cam and J-Stew hogging TD opportunities this year, plus the arrival of second round pick, and CMC double, Curtis Samuel.

Chris: I agree with this pick

1.03 3. Here Comes The Brees

Pick: Craig David, WR, Tennessee

Chosen by: Chris

Reasoning: Davis seems to be the consensus top WR. He was the highest drafted WR, has a clear path to being the #1 WR (in that he already basically is). He has a fairly high bust potential as there’s not a great deal of evidence that he can play against NFL quality corners, but from the combination of draft pedigree and situation, it’s difficult to ignore his upside.

Opinion: Goody: I would have probably gone for Williams here. Better red zone target and higher calibre of opposition faced, plus no/fewer injury concerns.

Ian: Exactly who I would have picked here.  Best WR available and brees have a desperate need!

1.04 4. Dynasore Losers

Pick: Mike Williams, WR, LAC

Chosen by: Goody

See my comment above for Davis. We know Slatz isn’t a Davis fan, with good reason, so he’d be thrilled to pick Williams here.

Opinion: Chris: probably a fair pick, but Williams has a fair few concerns: sub-optimal athleticism, very crowded situation and an aging QB with no succession plan in place.

Ian: Sensible pick, probably BPA.  But I just don’t think Slatz has a need at WR so I would expect him to go RB here.


1.05 5. Tamworth Two

Pick :John Ross, WR, CIN

Chosen by: Ian

Reasoning: Ah, so the two stand out WR’s have gone?!  I was convinced one of them would still be available – maybe you should consider trying to trade up for one of them?  I would say it’s between Cook, mixon & Ross at this point.  Based on need and as you took McCaffrey with pick 2 (remember?) then I’m going to go for Ross here.  Should be in a decent position opposite AJ Green with an opportunity to make a big impact early.

Opinion: Goody: I like this pick based on need. Ross will go in as WR2 with a high ceiling and good opportunity.

Chris: i think with the board like this, trading down would be a strong consideration. Given the need, Ross makes sense, but this is pretty awful value. Much like the pick of Ross in the reality.

1.06 6. Champions of the Sun

Pick: Joe Mixon, CIN RB

Chosen by: Chris

Reasoning: The bigger need is probably WR, but the value is probably at RB at this point. For me, Mixon is a better player on a better team, so should get more carries and more TDs, especially early on. He’s also shown less of a pattern of being a dick (although his acts of being a dick are worse).

James: This is a nice pick, although I think Cook may surprise more this year. Hill is in his final year and Bernard is coming back off injury.

Ian: Maxx doesn’t really have any pressing needs so may look to trade down if he can get value.  Otherwise I would say it’s between Cook & Mixon here.  Cook probably has the better immediate opportunity but Mixon is the better long term bet so Maxx will be fine with this.

1.07 7. The People’s Republic of the 4th Dynmension: Dynasty of Sadness

Pick: OJ Howard, TE, TEN

Chosen by: Goody

Reasoning: Two picks out of three give a good opportunity for the Sadness to pick up their targets. OJ Howard fills a longer term need and will produce a likely pro-bowl appearance at some point.

Opinion: Ian: I have no issues with this pick here, Howard is a solid first round pick who should have a top tier career at TE.

Chris: I’m not a fan of Howard here. I think he’ll be a fantastic real NFL player, but i think his blocking may limit his impact as a fantasy player. Especially as he is at best the third receiving option on the team for the next year or two (and may be behind Sims and Brate). Lot of upside, but i think the other TEs have a better floor.


1.08 8. Here Comes The Brees

Pick: Ju Ju Smith-Schuster PIT WR

Chosen by: Ian

Reasoning: This is where it becomes tricky, it feels like we’re now into the 2nd tier.  Brees may be looking to trade up from here (Hello Maxx!).  Their big need remains WR so I’ll go with Ju Ju S-Schu.  I have him as the best of the 2nd tier of WR’s and he should have a decent opportunity in a good (for now) offence.

Opinion: Chris: Not a fan of him landing with the Steelers for a few reasons: he’ll never be their #1, there’s good competition at WR with Bryant, Coates and Rogers, and by the time JuJu battles his way through that competition to be the #2, Landry Jones might be the QB.

James. I can see JJSS having an Boldin type of role, he may not get you 150 yards but his solid hands and redzone presence will mean he will be a sound fantasy option.

1.09 9. The People’s Republic of the 4th Dynmension: Dynasty of Sadness

Pick: Dalvin Cook, RB, MIN

Chosen by: Chris

Reasoning: RB is a pretty big need, Dalvin Cook should be a pretty good RB. He might not be an RB1, but between Cook, the Detroit backs and Dixon, it should be possible to cobble together an RB2 and 3 most weeks.

Opinion: Ian: Manboob will be happy Cook has fallen this far after passing on him with pick 7.  Fills a big need on his roster with a rookie who should get a decent number of touches immediately.

James. Solid pick here. I’ve cooled on Cook since the combine but the Vikings have also improved their O-line and Cook will supplant Murray by end of year 1.

1.10 10. Kelkowski Don’t Play By No Dyna Rules

Pick: Alvin Kamara, RB, NO

Chosen by: Goody

Reasoning: RB is definitely the need here, so I could even see Kelkowski trying to trade up if they want to nab their man. A sharp drop off with the potential elite RBs leave Kelkowski having to make a judgement call. Kamara provides a bit of safety with 28 year old Ingram on their roster and a future plan to accommodate the recent arrival of Adrian Peterson.

Opinion: Ian: Finally we have a pick!!!  Kamara makes sense I guess as we already have FHTWMIJ although I would rather take hi with pick 20!

Chris: I agree that this seems high for Kamara, but i feel there’s a fairly long tier here where people can justify taking a wide range of players depending on need. Picking up two bits of the Saints backfield makes sense, and Kamara has shown some good skills. However, if we’re looking at getting the whole backfield, i think Kareem Hunt would have been a better pick.


2.01 11. East Flanders Dungeoneers

Pick: David Njoku, CLE TE

Chosen by: Ian

Reasoning: Having secured the RB he needs I think Pete goes TE here to compliment HH.  It’s a toss up between Njoku and Engram.  Both are good prospects who have landed in good situations as the likely no.1 TE on their respective teams.  I’ll go with Njoku as he seems to be the guy with most talent.

Opinion: Goody: Another real Dynasty option, Njoku will take time to settle but I see him with a better initial opportunity than Engram.

Chris: he certainly doesn’t have much competition, so should get a lot of snaps pretty quickly. My concern is that it’ll take him a couple of years to really produce, but i think Pete is ok not going all-out win-now.

2.02 12. Dynasore Losers

Pick: Kareem Hunt, RB, KC

Chosen by: Chris

Reasoning: Slatz loves his WRs, but there are probably enough guys there to hope that he can get three or four contributors each week. RB is looking a lot barer. I think Hunt is probably the guy with the clearest route to a starting job that’s left available, given how Ware didn’t produce much in the second half of the season.

Opinion: Ian: Fair pick.  Slatz is all about buying Running Back tickets at this point and Hunt has talent and reasonable shot of getting touches in a run heavy offence.

2.03 13. Here Comes The Brees

Pick: Jeremy McNichols, RB, TBB

Chosen by: Goody

Reasoning: This was such a hard pick. There are a few RBs in a tier of their own at this stage, mostly based on the chance to them becoming the primary back to a starter with contract (Doug Martin), age (Frank Gore), injury (Carlos Hyde) or ability (Ty Montgomery) issues. The Brees try to solidify their Tampa backfield with a RB who fell in the draft due to recent surgery issues. That’s not an immediate problem in Dynasty and McNichols grades well at pass protection and has a path to a starting position in a high powered offence in a year or two.

Opinion: Ian: Wouldn’t have him this high but makes sense for Brees given their monopoly on the TB running game.

Chris: i think this is way too early for McNichols. If they want to consolidate a running game, Donta Foreman for the Texans is a better player. McNichols might have been available in the next round.

Update: Goody: I didn’t realise that Martin may be suspended for the first 4 games of the season so I still stick with this pick.

2.04 14. DynaForOne Firebirds

Pick: Samaje Perine, RB, WAS

Chosen by: Ian

Reasoning: And so Neil finally enters the draft with back to back picks.  He has needs all over his roster but I think RB is where he has the biggest hole so I’m going Perine here.  He has a chance to be productive straight away in a good offence so can help fill a gap for Neil.

Opinion: Goody. Good pick. I probably would have had Perine higher at 2.03 if not for the Brees tentative situation with Martin linked to being cut.

Chris: Perine is in the same boat as McNichols, in that I’m not sure about his talent, but his situation is decent enough. Good upside pick.


2.05 15. DynaForOne Firebirds

Pick: D’onta Foreman, RB HOU

Chosen by: Chris

Reasoning: Even with Perine, Neil doesn’t have a lot at RB, so double dipping seems reasonable. Foreman is probably the RB with most upside and a decent floor, so i think he makes sense here.

Opinion: Ian: I might have been tempted to go WR here but Neil could definitely do with more depth at RB which Foreman could provide.

2.06 16. Champions of the Sun

Pick: Zay Jones

Chosen by: Goody

Reasoning: A tough one again, as there are a number of RB’s on the board with a lower floor but higher ceiling. Max could also be tempted by Mahomes, (who coincidently autocorrects to Manholes) as Big Ben is on his way out. But Jones enters a Buffalo team in dire need of a receiver. Watkins has injury concerns and there are a number of targets available with the release of Robert Woods, Marquise Goodwin and Justin Hunter. I think this is a very safe pick at 2.06

Opinion: Ian: A good prospect in a decent position to contribute straight away is a good fit for maxx at this point.  Could be real value next year if the Bills move on from Watkins.

Chris: I’m not a huge fan of Jones, his college production and draft position make this pretty good value.

2.07 17. The People’s Republic of the 4th Dynmension: Dynasty of Sadness Pick: Deshaun Watson

Chosen by: Ian

Reasoning: Manboob’s quarterback situation is a total mess.  He has the unenvious task of choosing between Bridgeater, Glennon, Goff, Man Penguin Boy, Brockules and Smith each week.  I mean Wow!  That’s brutal!  So he’s definitely going to complicate things further by taking a chance on one of this year’s crop of uninspiring rookie passers. Watson is the pick because of he has the highest likelihood of making an immediate impact – I mean, no one believes BOB’s bullshit about Savage being the starter, Houston needs to win NOW!

Opinion: Chris: i like this pick. Watson’s should be the starting QB, and his combination of passing and rushing should make him a viable starter.

2.08 18. Dynablaster Bombermen

Pick: Chris Godwin, WR, TB

Chosen by: Chris

Reasoning: The Bombermen don’t really need a win now contributor, so they can pick a guy who has the best chance of having a WR1/2 upside. He should also work as a decent handcuff to Desean Jackson if age hits him.

Comment: Goody: Godwin could see himself come in and play the perimeter and Jackson is the wrong side of 30, so good Dynasty value here.

Ian: I can see the logic in taking a stash here as the B men don;t have any pressing needs.  They might think about breaking the seal on D here.


2.09 19. Live Free or Dyna Hard

Pick: Evan Engram, TE, NYG

Chosen by: Goody

Reasoning: I originally had Marlon Mack here, but I now pick Evan Engram who Chris would be delighted to pick. With an ageing Bennett and Gates on the DynaHard roster, Engram is the perfect Dynasty grab.

Chris: I’d be very happy if things worked out like this. Engram wouldI be excellent value here.

Ian: Probably best player available at this point so good pick for Chris

2.10 20. Kelkowski Don’t Play By No Dyna Rules

Pick: Curtis Samuel, WR, CAR

Chosen by: Chris

Reasoning: Kelkowski probably need some more depth at WR, and Samuel is probably the best player available. It’s difficult to know how he’ll be used in Carolina, but if he gets used from the slot and gets return work, he should be quite a consistent scorer.

Opinion: Goody: Samuel has big play ability so Kelkowski will hope for some Tyreek Hill style matchups. Ian: I’m okay with this.  WR depth is certainly a requirement and Samuel gives us a monopoly of the 2nd tier of receivers in Carolina behind Benjamin & Olsen.


3.01 21. East Flanders Dungeoneers

Pick: Joe Williams, RB, SF

Chosen by: Goody

Reasoning: The Flanders roster is just horrible at RB depth. Hyde is likely out after this season and Williams is openly loved by Kyle Shanahanahanahan. Shanahan loves runners who can go outside and Williams excelled at that in College. He could be RB1 at the 49ers at the end of the year so this represents great value.

Opinion: Ian: RB is definitely the major need for Pete so Williams works here as a backup and eventual successor to Hyde.

Chris: This is a decent pick. Works as a handcuff to Hyde and a player with potential in his own right.

3.02 22. Dynasore Losers

Pick:Myles Garrett, DE, CLE

Chosen by: Ian

Reasoning: With offensive talent thinning out at this point I think Saltz will be happy the best defensive option in the draft has fallen this far.  With his 3 top DE’s in their final year this pick will help him for years to come.

Opinion: Goody: I could see Slatz staying with offence. If there is a position he is definitely stacked in, its DE, and he’s got such a generous salary cushion he doesn’t really need to worry about renewals. I’d have probably said that Slatz goes for someone like Carlos Henderson as a long term replacement for Sanders, or trade down a few spots for a bigger defensive need – LB, so maybe Reddick or Foster.

Chris: I think this is a good spot for Garrett, but I’m not sure Slatz would take him. Even if Quinn moves to LB, the 3 guys he has at DE are fine for this year.


3.03 23. Here Comes The Brees

Pick: Cooper Kupp, WR, LAR

Chosen by: Chris

Reasoning: Even with Davis, the Brees probably still need a WR, preferably one with WR1 upside. Kupp probably has the clearest route to that of the people left, due mainly to lack of competition.

Opinion: Goody: I think ‘doubling-down’ here for the Brees makes really good sense and could leave them with the primary target on team with a QB looking for a safe target.

Ian: Agree with the others here, Brees need to be all in on WR and Kupp is about the best option still available.

3.04 24. DynaForOne Firebirds

Pick: Marlon Mack, RB, Ind

Chosen by: Goody

Reasoning: Arguably RB and DE was a massive need for the Firebirds coming into this draft. CJ Anderson will now share carries with Charles, Blount is without a team, Mathews is likely to be dropped, and Rawls will share backfield duties with ‘obese mode’ Eddie Lacy. It doesn’t look great and they’ve only effectively picked up Foreman and Perine so far. There is also a need for a DE, but most evidence suggests that rookie DEs are hit and miss. The 2017 class is regarded as a good and deep one, but not great in relation to potential elite (Garrett). Even Garrett, if he was available now, only picked up 3 of his sacks against a NFL based O-line. In this case, Barnett, who picked up 16 of his sacks against similar opposition, could be an acceptable pick. Therefore, Firebirds may think they can pick up some DE depth later on with someone like Barnett, McKinley or Charlton. Now the case for the prosecution, Mack is a good receiver and has high home run potential. Gore is old. So very old. With the Firebirds a bit away from ‘win now’, getting a potential starting RB with the 24th pick is immense value. Come 2018, they may have some of their 3 RBs hit and become competitive.

Opinion: Ian: This is now Neil’s 3rd RB of the draft after taking Perine & Foreman in the 1st so he’s certainly going all out to address his major need.  I might have gone WR here instead but as a third round pick in his own right Mack is okay.

3.05 25. Tamworth Two

Pick:Rueben Foster, LB SF

Chosen by: Ian

Reasoning: Time for T2 to start addressing their defensive needs.  Foster is the best LB available and will be an immediate contributor in San Francisco so will continue to build on T2’s good young LB core.

Opinion: Chris: i think this is a solid pick. I think T2 need an elite defensive player. My only quibble is whether DE is a bigger need, but Foster might be the best defensive player available and T2’s LBs have a lot of question marks.

Goody. Foster is an elite prospect but I’m concerned by his injury, and recent failed surgery. There is also chat about a number of hidden concussions at College, plus, I’m all for hydration, but Foster takes it too far.


3.06 26. Champions of the Sun

Pick: Pat Mahomes QB, KC

Chosen by: Chris

Reasoning: CotS need a QB for when Big Ben retires, which could easily happen next year. Despite being the 2nd QB picked in the NFL draft, Mahomes has a better fantasy outlook than Trubisky due to his athleticism, his head coach and the fact he should have a chance to learn for at least a year, rather than being thrown in straight away.

Opinion: Goody:A solid gamble, Mahomes is likely to have a very high ceiling but will have to learn a much more complex playback. Andy Reid has a good track record of elite QBs so Max could get a diamond here.

Ian: I would have considered a QB in R2 for Maxxx so am fine with taking one here.  With a year of Rapistberger remaining Maxx has no immediate need so P Homes is the perfect development opportunity.


3.07 27. The People’s Republic of the 4th Dynmension: Dynasty of Sadness

Pick: Jonathan Allen, DT. WAS

Chosen by: Goody.

Reasoning: With a need at DT, the Sadness Pick the best one on the board, who is in a great landing spot at Washington.

Opinon: Ian: Having addressed his need at RB & QB and taken Howard as a potential superstar Manboob has plenty of options here.Williams and Conner are still available for added RB depth and another QB ticket wouldn’t hurt.  However, I agree there are needs in the D also.  Davis would be an option here at LB but DT as arguably the more pressing need so Allen makes sense as the best DT in the draft (he may however end up as a DE).

Chris: I think Allen will be a great player. But I think he’ll be a DE, which will hurt his value.


3.08 28. Dynablaster Bombermen

Pick:Adam Shaheen. TE CHI

Chosen by: Ian

Reasoning: With no immediate pressing needs Bendy has the luxury of taking the best player available.  I have no clue who that is at this stage so I’ll go with Shaheeeeen.  There’s not much ahead of him in Chicago (although that’s not saying much) and there’s a good development opportunity here behind Bendy’s existing starting TE’s.

Comment: Goody: I think this is a bit early for the remaining TEs, who drop off after the 3 main guys. I’d have probably seen a bit more value in going defence, especially at LB.

Chris: I agree it’s early for Shaheen, but i think if a team wanted a TE at this stage and took Gerald Everett, that might be defendable


3.09 29. Live Free or Dyna Hard

Pick: Haasan Reddick, ARI, LB

Chosen by Goody.

Reasoning: DynaHard have an opportunity to pick someone up who has been identified as an athletic specimen, albeit no experience at playing ILB. Although the jury is still out if Reddick will be able to develop this way, Chris may see this as a pretty low risk appointment.

Opinion: Chris: Reddick is a pretty nice pick. I’m not sure LB is a big need for me though, with Miller, Ragland and Jatavis Brown on board for the next 2 years. But he does seem like BPA at this point. Apart from the next guy…

3.10 30. Kelkowski Don’t Play By No Dyna Rules

Pick: Solomon Thomas, DE, SF

Chosen by: Chris

Reasoning: Thomas is the clear BPA here in my opinion. He might not get gaudy sack numbers like Garrett, but his ability against the run should give him a lot of tackles and TFLs, so he should be a fairly consistent scorer. Kelkowski don’t have a need at DE, but Thomas and Bosa would make them set at the position for the long term.

Opinion: Goody: Solid pick here. No complaints from me.


I am the Commissioner of the DynaBowl Fantasy Football Dynasty League. What I say goes.

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