The Dyna Hard Man of The DynaBowl

I have to confess, before we start, that I may not have approached this interview in the right frame of mind. Just an hour before, I had ended a particularly bizarre and disturbing interview with Ben Archer and between his departure and my next subject’s arrival I had been dealing with some vague symptoms of […]

Here Comes The Brees

Our interview is far from conventional. He insists we meet downstairs in a darkened corner of a bar called The Cave which fully lives up to its name, with its craggy stone walls and the lingering feeling you’re going to be trapped down there forever, hopefully without the creatures from The Descent. He arrives late, […]

Auction Player List

This is an Excel (2007) file containing a list of players available for auction in July. While availability of players may change, and some people on this list may be cut or move teams, this will be the base list used. It is the GMs responsibility to be aware of changes that occur. If a […]

The Tamworth Two

In January 1998, two Tamworth pigs escaped as they were being unloaded at an abattoir and went on to become a national and international cause celebre. Subsequently named Butch and Sundance, the pair were spared their certain death when The Daily Mail bought them and their exclusive story. Sixteen years later, their story is just […]

Most Haunted: The 4th Dynmension

Trapped in an ethereal plain in a dimension outside of the human reality, it was impossible to conduct this interview face to face with The 4th Dynmension’s supremo Geoffrey Manboob (GM).  Therefore, resident Dynabowl beat writer Jaunty Coving (JC) had to conduct the interview through disgraced local Sheffield psychic, Alain C’Untface (AC). “Fill me up.” JC: Good Morning Alain, […]

DynaBowl Draw

Welcome to the DynaBowl, the Dynasty League spin-off of the Chatterbowl. Season 1 will contain 10 teams, managed and co-managed by a total most of the Chatterbowl managers. To kick off the league, the two Divisions needed to be decided. To do so, there was a draw…