The first week of the NFL season is all about overreaction and the jerking of knees.  To honour that I will be looking at everyone’s opening week performances and drawing some wild conclusions about what it means for the season ahead.  In the absence of enough data to actually draw any real conclusions that’ll just […]

DELO Ratings 2016

Maybe you’re familiar with Elo ratings, but I’m going to assume you’re not. Arpad Elo was a Hungarian-born American physics professor who developed a ratings system, originally for chess but later applied to all sorts of sports, including American football, baseball and snooker. It’s now used frequently (in a variety of adapted versions) on […]

Not A Mock Draft – Running Backs

So, quarterbacks in the bag. Not very exciting as a group. What about the running backs? Ezekiel Elliot – #1 Pick – What’s the point in writing much, the only way he doesn’t go #1 is if Neil locks Mangboob into a lead-lined bunker just before the draft starts. His value is mostly tied to […]