The NFL Draft: Part Two

So this is where the excitement comes – running backs. That’s true particularly this year, with a crop of varied and interesting talents. But before we deal with the individuals, let’s just quickly recap what I said in part one, about the draft value of Running Backs. Running back is a deep position, and one […]

The 2017 NFL Draft: Part One

In the past couple of years I’ve focused on doing a preview of the prospects post-draft, but too often that comes down to talking about the player as a piece of a depth chart, instead of as a prospect. It also feels awkward as I feel like I’m giving away my own draft board, so […]

2017 Free Agency Review: Tim

Kelkowski Drew Brees (NOS, QB) – $35, 1 year Brandon Coleman (NOS, WR) – $1, 1 year Rishard Matthews (TEN, WR) – $17, 4 years Terrelle Pryor (WAS, WR) – $25, 3 years Eric Decker (NYJ, WR) – $20, 2 years Gary Barnidge (CLE, TE) – $1, 1 year Dennis Pitta (BAL, TE) – $1, […]