Stock Watch: Week 3

by Jaunty Coving Welcome to the weekly summary of the top fantasy players in Week 3 of the Dynabowl: Rank Player Week 3 Pts Total Pts Trending Comments 1 Luck, Andrew IND QB 32.3 77.88 Up 1 Luck posted 370 passing yards and 4 touchdowns against the Jaguars’ league worst defence 2 Fuller, Kyle CHI […]

Replacement Level: Week 4

Goody here, taking up the baton of manager of the replacement levels for week 4. We’ll cut straight to it, by getting the Roger Goodell level of excuses in early. Week 4 is bye week, therefore a little more difficult than week 3 as a big chunk of the available players are not playing, and […]

Replacement Level: Week 3

Week 3? Wait. What happened? Did I get blackout drunk? Or did I have an altercation with Ray Rice, Ray MacDonald, Greg Hardy or Jonathan Dwyer? God, that’s a depressing joke. Yes, week 2 got missed out, as did the results of week 1. But I’m here to make that up to you. Sort of. […]

Around The Grounds: Week 1

by Jaunty Coving Welcome to a new season of fantasy football and the first ever edition of Around the Grounds, the weekly recap column highlighting the movers and shakers in the world’s premier fantasy football league, the Dynabowl. Each week this reporter will be taking you through the different matchups of the week looking for […]

Replacement Level: Week 1

Replacement Level is (potentially) a weekly column where reigning Chatterbowl Champion, sitting on the outside of the Dynabowl looking in, chooses a lineup from the Free Agents to compete against the Dynabowl superstars. Can a rag-tag bunch of aged and infirm veterans hold their own against the deep rosters of the league? The answer is […]